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A new feature documentary by Alexia Anastasio is in production. This project is about the secret lives of redheads.

Everyone loves Redheads. Growing up as a Redhead from the perspective of redheads. It is said that Redheads are one of life's great curiosities.

A redhead herself, Alexia interviews and photographs 500 redheads around the world to sum up a conclusion about their trials and tribulations of love, youth and successes to debunk stigmas and stereotypes. A new feature documentary about growing up as a Ginger.

Alexia Anastasio is a redheaded filmmaker from New York. Growing up as redhead wasn't easy for her, she was teased and bullied as a child in school. The stigmas and stereotypes never helped in creating relationships it usually scared people away from her. Using her experience she is collecting stories from girls with red hair and their opinion and general consensus of being a favorite minority in more ways than one. The redhead gene is recessive which means it takes both parents to produce a redheaded child. This also means that it can skip a generation and reappear when two parents carry the gene. There are rumors that by the year 2060 there might not be any redheads left. There are approximately 4% of nearly 6.4 billion people in the world who carry this recessive gene which makes redheads rare. This film is an anthropological study of how girls with red hair think and feel about the topic and take a stand and show off who they really are. Is it in the genes and how is it different and more fun!

This is a trans-media project which includes the documentary film with animated segments and performances pieces, an art book with drawings from the animated segments and photographs of 500 girls with red hair along with testimonial quotes.

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